Start seeing immediate results!

Are you feeling bloated, gross, and PO-ed that you can't slim down for anything? Or maybe you're like me and impatient when it comes to getting results. When it comes to weight loss you want to see results and you want results fast! My kickstart cleanse has helped hundreds of women kickstart their weight loss.  

This is not your typical program that has your drinking lemon water all day and only eating one meal. I focus on real food that fills you up,  clears out your system, and sets you on the path to your goals.


My vegan kickstart cleanse is intended to reset your system and promote weight loss without deprivation. 

Let’s get rid of shame, mom guilt, feeling hangry or gross in your skin.

The Jill Ortiz Fitness Kickstart Cleanse includes:

Meal Plan

Recipes and Shopping List

Video Series to Guide You Through 

and a Facebook Support Group where you can ask questions and link up with others who have had great success with the Kickstart!

Don’t take my word for it though. My clients are women that are normal women you see every day except for one thing . . . they want more. More for themselves and more for their health.



For me the most effective thing that I needed to succeed was to join a culture where my desired behavior is the norm and where there was support. That is what Jill's coaching embodies.

Chantal S.

Jill is always there to support me. She is motivating. If I don't feel like doing anything, I see her smiling face in my thread and it inspires me to get up and do something good for myself.

Beth M.

Jill embodies what true leadership is about. She leads by example in every aspect of her life and is completely transparent. My goals were her goals, and she helped me want them even more!

Jaclyn S.



I’m Jill Ortiz, I’m an NASM Certified Personal Trainer and found of Empowered Fitness Mastery. I’ve helped over 2,000 women lose weight and keep it off without fad diets or deprivation. I have MASTERED weight loss for the long term in a manageable way that works for the working or stay at home mom who feels all the stresses of daily life. 

After years of struggling with my weight and feeling confused, hopeless, and frustrated. I had a busy corporate job as a VP of Finance, and professional accomplishments like an MBA. But no time for me. 

I was there. 

I get you. 

I've got your back.