How FOCUS Helped Me Find Results

F-O-C-U-S Follow One Course Until Successful!

This is one of the biggest lessons I have learned in my fitness journey thus far with Beachbody in 2015.

~Have you ever seen an infomercial?

~Ever bought anything from an infomercial?~Have you ever seen an infomercial for a Beachbody fitness program?

~Ever bought one of those?

I have…a few actually – seen the infomercials, bought the programs! I’ll tell you all about my Beachbody DVD purchasing journey!

Turbojam was the first Beachbody program I ever bought ten years ago. I bought it off an infomercial at 3am after having struggled to sleep with a cold that stuffed up my nose so bad, I just couldn’t lay down without feeling like I was suffocating. You know that feeling? I was so embarrassed when the operator came on the phone, but she assured me I wasn’t the only one ordering Turbojam at that time of day, and that I was actually making a great purchase because she too had actually bought the program…I guess that spunky blondie, Chalene Johnson had roped her in as well!! In the years to come, I also got sucked in by the infomercials for Chalene’s PIYO and Shaun T’s T-25.

I figured these workouts would be great to do at home when I couldn’t make it to the gym during my lunch hour at work. I never did the programs though by the workout calendar from start to finish, nor did I follow any of the meal plans that the programs provided. I really just peppered them in, always mixed up my routine with cardio classes and machines, weight lifting, spinning, yoga and pilates.