Nutrition Mindset Shift – No More Yo-Yo!

That’s it…I’m done – no more yo-yo diet….on the wagon, off the wagon….down 5 pounds, oh wait it’s back!…. Same for my clients… it kills me when they disappear because they are embarrassed or ashamed that they stopped sticking to their nutrition plan and fitness program (yup you!).

Enter 2B Mindset!!! Omg, the teasers and videos have me so excited! I didn’t think I needed more understanding of how to lose weight, but when I saw the specialty topics that are covered, I totally changed my mind – all the things me, my family, my friends and well…probably you struggle with are covered in this video series!

-How to stay on track when dining out

-How to eat well at social occasions

– How to bust through a weight-loss plateau

– How to not ruin your progress while on vacation and so much more!

Take a Look!…


2B Mindset is for people who:

✨Want to lose weight, but don’t like to exercise

✨Exercise but struggle with their nutrition and do not see the weight loss results they want

✨Love food, love to eat big portions, and love to feel full

✨Are tired of yo-yo dieting but want to maintain their lifestyle

✨Want an easy-to-follow way to lose weight without strict rules, like cutting food groups, counting calories or eating small portions

✨Cannot exercise due to injury/illness but want to lose (or maintain) weight through better eating habits

✨Have experienced emotional eating and want to be free from obsessing about food and feeling overwhelmed by food choices

❤️Does any of this sound like you!?!?

❤️If you don’t truly treat the ROOT of your emotional relationship with food, it will always hold you back from reaching your goals!!!

HOW MUCH??? First, I will educate you on what this

✨WOULD✨ cost you if you met with Ilana at her private practice

These are her prices:

º Initial Nutrition Assessment – 1:15 min – $295 º Personal Nutrition Counseling – 50 min – $265

º Maintenance Package – 30 min – $500 —-

💙2B Mindset will be accessible through the new Nutrition tab on Beachbody On Demand.

💙 ❤️Once you purchase 2B Mindset you have access to the program forever; no associated continuity or subscription!!!!

❤️Starting 6/4/18, 2B Mindset will also be accessible through the Beachbody Nutrition+ App. The app is free with limited functionality. •• Pre-App Launch Special Promotion runs from 5/2/18 – 6/3/18, all 2B Mindset Challenge Packs and the kit will be on sale (see below!) —-

💚These are the options and pricing… Our recommendation is that you add Shakeology® to your diet for no less than the first month.”

My Favorite Part! You see the part where it says if you sign up as a Coach on MY TEAM you get to be in our EXCLUSIVE TEST GROUP with Ilana herself!? I have been in a couple of these test groups with our Super Trainers and you have direct access to them, all the extra tips and stories to really help you succeed…plus thousands of other Coaches to lift and support you! We will also have a small team “Success Group” in which we share our journey together!


2B Mindset Kit: $99 Promo Price, $119 Regular Price, ($75 Coach Price)

2B Mindset & Shakeology® Challenge Pack: $160 Promo Price, $180 Regular

2B Mindset & Beachbody® On Demand & Shakeology® Challenge Pack: $200 Promo Price, Regular Price

If you want to chat about the option to sign up for FREE as a Coach and receive the benefits of Coach discounts, optional commissions, and entry into Ilana’s Coach Test Group, message or email me!


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