You Get What You Pay For: Say No to Cheap Shakeology Alternatives

It’s amazing how often I have people ask me if they can substitute buying Shakeology with another cheaper meal replacement or protein shake. Now to be honest with you, I am always the first person to look for a generic alternative to name brand products when the ingredients lists are the same. But, this is definitely not the case with Shakeology. If you choose the Shakeology alternative, you will be missing out on way too many serious health benefits.


Protein shakes are a popular nutritional supplement that many people drink after a workout. You can buy them in every nutrition store, online, and even in the mainstream grocery stores these days. Protein is a “macro nutrient,” which is a type of food required in large quantities in our diet.

The three most common proteins are whey, soy, and casein. Whey is the common because it’s a complete protein—meaning that it contains all the necessary amino acids—and dissolves well in water. Whey isolate is considered to be the best form of protein. Soy is the least popular because it doesn’t taste as good, doesn’t dissolve well, and has been shown to have links to certain forms of cancer and infertility.

WHY DO PEOPLE DRINK PROTEIN SHAKES?The following are the most common reasons people drink protein shakes while they’re working out are:

  1. You’re new to working out. If you’re new to working out and you’re goal is to build muscle, you need more protein than you previously consumed.

  2. You’re working out harder. If you’ve upped your workouts—or they’re more intense than you’re used to—your body needs extra protein.

  3. You’re recovering from an injury. The extra protein in protein shakes helps you heal faster.

  4. You’ve eliminated meat from your diet. Vegans or vegetarians need to get adequate protein to replace the meats, fish, dairy and eggs they are not eating.