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Unbrickable Resurrector For Windows 64




JJ9877: ok can you pastebin your current xorg.0.log? ikonia: : thanks :) histo: blunt_, If you need help on ubuntu, ask the channel, we know it well. lupo, yes, if you can do that, i'm not too sure what you need to do in unity to get apps back in dash.. those are your indicators in unity for all intents and purposes lupo: sorry for the delay in response, was afk np but nothing happens it did once, no response at all lupo: so you didn't have 'apps' listed in dash at all? no JJ9877: hrm... well it's loading the nvidia driver on boot. You could disable that so it will load the vesa driver lupo: ok, that was all good info, let's try a quick test, open a terminal and type: "sudo apt-get install indicator-appmenu".. you'll get asked for your password, enter it, if everything is fine you should get a result with "Installed" just that nothing happens this is what i see JJ9877: I'm not sure how to disable it other than to comment it out in /etc/X11/xorg.conf lupo: i'd advise to reboot, once that's done, come back and give me a hand, i'll pastebin some info so you can update your post ok i'll be back thnx histo: ok, i've commented it out and restarted - still gets the same result JJ9877: What ubuntu version are you running? JJ9877: K or Xubuntu or L




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Unbrickable Resurrector For Windows 64

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