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Are You a Goal-Getting Woman Over 40 Who Wants to Gain Energy, Confidence & Strength?

Get to Your Goal Body and Maintain it Without the Constant Struggle with:
My Personalized Coaching Program

The Program is Founded on These 5 Keys to Success that will Build Your Energy, Confidence and Strength and Leave You Feeling Tight and Toned:

~Lifestyle and Goals Audits~

~Quick Action for a Quick Win~

~Balanced Shred Strategy~

~Mindset and Motivation Empowerment Training~

~Powerful Tribe Mentality~

Wouldn't it be Amazing if the Path to Achieving Your Transformation Goals was Clear, Simple and Long-Lasting?

These Amazing Ladies are Clients and Now My Friends. They Wanted to Share Their Thoughts

Carissa A.

Heather E.

Debbie R.

Gracie S.

Jackie S.

Alejandra G.

Who is Jill Ortiz - Beyond Credentials

NASM CPT, MBA, Mom, and Many More Certifications & Areas of Specialty including Menopausal Metabolism, HIIT, Weight Training, Portion Control & Intuitive Eating

While certifications are incredibly important for a Fitness Professional like myself to hold, what is most important to me are the distinguishing qualities that make clients choose me and feel loved and challenged under my coaching. My job is to bring out the best in my clients, and empower them with the tools and confidence to achieve and maintain their goals for the long run.   

I love that my clients appreciate me for who I am at my core, that I am a CONSISTENT Source of MOTIVATION, POSITIVE ENERGY, that I am RELATABLE, RESPONSIVE and always wanting to GO THE EXTRA MILE for others.


Phased Workout Plan Focused on Strength Training in order to replace fluffy fat with tight and toned muscle

​Multiple Nutrition Frameworks to Prevent Dieting Burn-out and ensure that you are always eating for results.

No Deprivation Dieting or Boring Cardio. Our aim is not to have a "means to an end" but rather to Love Each Day of the Journey.

One on One Attention.  Always feel that your needs are being met, and that you aren't getting passed off to another coach or lost in a group. High Touch Coaching is what you investing, so that is what you get.

Motivating with a Quick Win.  I loathe "diets" where you lose weight quick and gain it all back and more down the road. But in your first 5 days with me, you will lose around 5 pounds, belly bloat, and gain insight that you will have forever!

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5 Day Testimonial- Samantha.png

These Ladies Did it Along with Hundreds of Other Clients!


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*This is a ZERO pressure process. Applying or booking a call does NOT commit you to anything - In fact, you need to qualify for the program - We don't take everyone.  This is your time to learn more about Jill Ortiz Fitness Coaching and decide if this investment is right for you. 

After completing the 5 minute application, you will be redirected to my calendar to book a time to chat with me to ask any questions and get officially enrolled in the Coaching Program! 

No, it's not, It's Incredible!

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Do I have to give up my favorite foods? 

No, we work fun foods into your plan so you never feel restricted. Most of my clients eat pizza, chocolate, drink wine or have their favorite food multiple times a week. However, that doesn’t mean you can eat 2 pizzas a day and sit on your couch and see the fat melt away.


My schedule is tight. How much time do I need to invest into it per day? 

30 min a day is all you need to do the daily work. If you want to accelerate your results, you can do more than that. But to get the results you want and keep them on the long run, 30-45min is enough. 

Do I have to do cardio? 

No (not in the traditional boring treadmill, elliptical, bike sense). Cardio is NOT essential for results. If you love doing traditional forms of cardio, we’ll fit it in. Just know it’s not mandatory.


I’ve tried diets which didn’t work, how do I know this will work for me this time?

Traditional diets don’t work because they are restrictive and rely on discipline. With the Mindful Nutrition Basics Method where we will start, no food is “off limits” which means you never feel restricted or feel like you’re even dieting. What we are doing is bypassing the hunger switch so you never feel the symptoms of dieting in the first place. This isn’t traditional dieting which focuses on eating less and hoping our bodies won’t fight back. We are tackling the root cause of fat gain, which is hormones, and seeing weight loss fall in place as a byproduct.


Why shouldn’t I just hire a personal trainer locally? (Long answer!)

Great question. Here’s what most trainers won’t tell you. Personal trainers are paid by the hour, which means the more you stay with them, the more they get paid. That’s why a lot of the time, their goal is to keep you dependent on them for as long as possible.

Let’s say you pay $100 an hour 3x a week. That’s $300 per week. $1200 a month. And since their goal is to keep you as long as possible, you’d be looking at $3600 to $7200 minimum, with no guarantee you’ll keep the weight off once you stop training with them. So the question is, what are you paying for? You pay for their time, not for the result.


Which is not bad if you want someone to talk and have a good time ... But what are you really after? Do you want a trainer or do you want results? Do you want 90-day training or a transformation? Do you want to be the paycheck for your trainer for as long as possible?


Second, a personal trainer only helps with one slice of the pie: exercise. When we all know that most results come not from 1 hour in the gym, but the other 23 hours of your day. We don’t just do the exercise piece: we work on nutritional, hormones, sleep, mindset, and everything which can impact your long-term results. This is why I stopped the traditional personal training model myself and left the 3 gyms I was employed at.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes. The process is guaranteed to get you results.. IF you put in the work. I guarantee that if you do everything I say (i.e. show your adherence to 90%), you will lose at least 5-10lbs during our first 90 days. If that’s not the case, I will refund your full investment and PAY YOU $100 for wasting your time. Unless you only need to lose 5 pounds, then that will be the new standard. Fair?

Click the Button if I answered all of your questions! 

And My Clients Love That About Me!

The Best Investment for You and Your Health & Wellbeing:
$2100 for 3 Months

What Do You Get!?
(beyond amazing results forever)

Included in this VIP Coaching Program

Kick Off Call with Jill: One hour to discuss your goals thoroughly, and get your first education, assignments, and action steps.  

2 Monthly Face to Face 1:1 Coaching Calls: Talk with Jill Personally to address mindset blocks, celebrate wins and strategize next steps.

Nutrition Framework Mastery:  Learn one or more Frameworks that Jill Coaches (Tier 1 may not have time to learn all 4)

Personalized Strength Training Program: Flexibility, Endurance, and other components included as well per each individual

Coaching App with 24/7 Messaging Access: This is where you access your workouts, track your progress and message Jill

Weekly Check-in Form: Fill in this form to update Jill on your mindset, achievements, struggles and ask questions. 

Daily Check-ins with the 'Success Squad' Facebook Group : Make connections, stay accountable, get motivated, and share wins with our community of like-minded goal-getter women

Monthly 'Level Up' Guest Speakers and Workshops: Topics include Better Sleep, Mindset, Hormone Management, Skin Care and More. 

Mindset, Motivation & Stress-Less Strategies: This is the "extra mile" stuff that sets Empowered Fitness Mastery and Jill apart!

Financing and Scholarships are Available Upon Request

Submit Your Application if You are Serious about making change and think you are the Perfect Fit for the Program.

We can work out the details together!

Level Up into Your Best Self in
Personalized Coaching Program

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