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Most Clients Lose 5-10 Pounds in Week One & Gain Massive Momentum for Further Success! 

Use this FREE session to figure out if Jill's Coaching Program, Empowered Fitness Mastery is a good fit for you too!


There are so many diets out  there and theologies on what the most effective style of workouts are, it can be super overwhelming. In this chat you can voice your concerns, pinpoint your goals and work with Jill to customize a plan for your long-term success.

Client Testimonials and Case Studies

Jackie's Testimonial: Her First Time Completing a Program with Jill

Ok guys, I personally don't like before and after pics because I never really feel like I see a noticeable difference even though I always feel it and know it's there but with this one I FINALLY see it!!!

Am I seeing things??? Nope I don't think so! This program kicked my ass and got me to fall back in love with my body AND AT THE SAME DAMN TIME it also helped clear my mind, ease some of my body aches from autoimmune diseases AND strengthen my core and define those muscles!

I cannot tell you enough how in love I am with this program and if you have not tried it you need to ASAP, thank me later!!


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I work at least 10 to 12 hours per day. I had the same excuse in the past that with my type of job plus the time I need to take care of my family, there is no way I could find time for better self care.

Jill taught me, the best way to change this mindset is to discover my “why”.

For me, my wellness “why” was to look my best at my daughter’s wedding. On the left below there is my picture from June 2018 from my goddaughter‘s wedding. I looked at that picture and I thought I could look better at my daughter’s wedding. It felt so good to make it happen, and I love every single picture of me from my daughter‘s wedding.




Listen to her experience in the Empowered Fitness Mastery Program

Client Story: Alejandra G.

Alejandra watched for a while, joined a 30 day challenge, and then signed up for Empowered Fitness Mastery 1:1 Coaching! Every week she is realizing new successes and getting closer and closer to her goal body now that she achieved her goal weight!

Client Story: Audrie L.

Listen in to Audrie discussing her failures with other fitness coaches and how she went from stiff, sore, and lacking energy with no idea what would work for reaching her goals to educated, empowered and feeling amazing!

Audrie completed 3 months and renewed for another 6!

Client Story: Ashley M.

Listen in Ashley's final call with Jill just before Christmas. Ashley spent one full year in the Empowered Fitness Mastery Program and has truly embraced Jill's teachings. 

Take her holiday management advice and know that you too can become knowledgeable and strong when it comes to your nutrition and fitness too. 

Schedule Your Free Roadmapping Session Now and See if Empowered Fitness Mastery is the Right Fit for You

Client Story: Aleta V.

Listen in to Aleta discussing her massive success losing 20 pounds in 6 months with Jill's One on One Coaching! Her work from home lifestyle led her to gain a lot of weight and a feeling of hopelessness. With the fight against aging and menopause approaching, Aleta has gleaned so much knowledge about how she could gain control over several factors in her weight loss journey. 

Aleta has continued on as a client and looks forward to our continued success together.

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