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#FitnFast Challenge

For Busy Women Who Want to 
Feel Lighter, Tighter and More Toned in 4 Weeks!


20-minute dumbbell workouts to transform your arms, legs, abs and fit in your clothes better! Plus simple quick fat-burning recipes the whole family will love 100%.

The LIVE Challenge has ended, but click the button above to do it via my Fitness App
How the Challenge Works
The Busy Mama Cliffs Notes of What You Get
  • 20 Minute Strength Workouts 5 Days a Week, 4 Weeks = $900 Value

  • Weekly Meal Plan with Simple, Quick Recipes for the Whole Family = $500 Value

  • Permission to Drink Wine, Eat Italian, Mexican and Asian Food! = Priceless

  • Permission to Eat Chocolate = Priceless

  • Love and Support of a Coach and Community of Women = Priceless

  • Accountability to your workouts and nutrition daily = $900 Value

  • Feeling slimmer, more toned, stronger, leaner and more energized in 30 days = THIS!

     TOTAL VALUE: $2300

     YOUR COST: ONLY $99!



How the Challenge Works
(for the control freak in all of us)

 The #FitnFast 4-Weeek Challenge consists of short and effective 20-minute workouts that will help you feel stronger, tighter and accomplished in a short amount of time. Perfect for the super busy mom, working woman or entrepreneur.

  • Workout Schedule is as Follows:

Mondays - Chest & Triceps

Tuesdays - Back & Biceps

Wednesdays - Legs

Thursdays - Shoulders

Fridays - Total Body
Saturdays - Yoga/Stretch
Sundays - Rest or Catch Up


  • Equipment Needed: You will want a few sets of dumbbells. Light, medium and heavy are always good. I suggest you start building up your arsenal at home, because a quick workout in your home is always easier to squeeze in on the fly or as per your busy schedule, rather than making time for a round trip ride to the gym. Depending on your experience and strength, these can vary anywhere from 5 to 20 pounds. Check out Amazon, Marshall's or your local sporting goods store now!

  • What I expect from you in the challenge is to complete each of the workouts and comment under the workout video each day that you completed it. Let the group know what you thought, how you felt, and what weights you used. Celebrate yourself and give praise to others who complete the workout too!

  • But what about nutrition?   You are correct to wonder because while muscle is built in the weight room, living room or she cave, beautiful lean toned muscle is revealed with consistency and adherence to a solid meal plan designed and prepped quickly in the kitchen. So for this challenge I will be teaching my quickest healthy mama meals and providing a meal plan for the 4 weeks! <----- YAY!

  • We all want to feel significant, accepted, loved and celebrated in life, so let's start in our special little community. Let's lift one another! You will most likely see each other again in future challenges, and my communities have been known to foster friendships. It's finally YOUR TIME!


  • All that's left to do is hit the button, sign up and see you on the inside!

No regrets, No fear of missing out! Put You First!

Why You Want to Join #FitnFast
  • Only 20 minutes per day, you won't be drained of energy. 

  • Daily new routines and no boring cardio!

  • Feel and look stronger week after week with the push to progress.

  • A short workout is always better than no workout.

  • Learn the weight-lifting techniques that don't leave you in a results plateau.

  • Repair and boost your metabolism for more calorie burning at rest!

  • Lots of easy to make recipes for busy ladies!

  • Done-for-you meal plan that will fuel and satisfy!

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Client Testimonials

Alejandra watched for a while, joined a 30 day challenge, and then signed up for Empowered Fitness Master 1:1 Coaching!

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Review- No Deprivation.JPG
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Hi, I'm Jill!


The Juicy Highlights

• 30 Pound weight gain in 6 months

• 12 Foot Ladder Fall & Spinal Injury

• Constipated My Whole Life

• Chocolate Addict, Spartan, Mom to 2 Boys

• MBA & Former VP of Finance & Accounting

• NASM Certified Personal Trainer

• Founder of Empowered Fitness Mastery Program

There was a time in my life when I felt hopeless, uncomfortable, confused and thought something must have been wrong with my body/metabolism.

I had a stressful busy corporate job, no time for me. I resorted to plastic surgery, which was a complete failure and left me feeling worse about myself than ever. 

Over the last several years in the industry, I have MASTERED weight loss for the long term in a manageable way that works for the working or stay at home mom who feels all the stresses of daily life. 

I was there. 
I get you. 
I've got your back. 

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Beginner to Advanced - You Can!
Take it From Michele...

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