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Congrats on Joining the #FitnFast Challenge:

20-minute dumbbell workouts to get you strong and toned before life and responsibilities get in your way.

Starts March 13th, 2023
Check ALL email folders for details and group access as well.


Always Wanted to Learn or Master Macros Nutrition? 

Grab the Jill Ortiz Fitness FOODS FOR FATLOSS Nutrition Workshop Now!

Through this 5 Step Process You Will Learn...

  • How many calories you need to consume to get trim and build muscle.


  • ​The important roles that proteins, carbs and fats play in your nutrition and fueling.

  • What foods to eat more of, and which foods to avoid. 

  • How to create and master your macros meal plan in a simple way that you can stick to!

Pyramid - 5 step.jpg
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