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Learn How to Build Awesome Abs, Like You've Never Dreamed Possible!

Tighten and Tone
with 4 Weeks of

Jill's Killer Abs
(and Bonus Booty)
ONLY $49!

What You Get With Jill's Killer Abs
  • 16 Individually Recorded 7-minute Ab Workouts that Target Your Abs Differently Each Day So You Don't Overtrain Them.
  • 4 Bonus 8-minute Booty Workouts to Tighten and Tone, as Well as Support Your Lower Back, Which is Imperative to a Strong Healthy Core. 
  • A Printable PDF Calendar with Quick Links to Each Workout Meant to Make Getting Your Workouts Done Easily and to Keep You Accountable to Staying On Track.
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What Results Can You Expect From Jill's Killer Abs?
  • Improve loose skin and saggy belly fat
  • Lose inches off your waist
  • More defined abs
  • Fit better into your jeans
  • Lose the muffin top
  • Feel the tightness you had before pregnancies
  • See beautiful oblique lines
  • Get compliments from your loved ones
  • Look and feel better in your skin
  • Become a fanatic about your quick ab workouts
  • Bonus: Lift, tighten and tone your booty too!
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"Jill's Killer Abs is Better Than Every Popular Program I've Tried, and Believe Me, I Tried Them All!
- Christie C.
  • Other programs only give you a few workouts to repeat over and over
  • Other programs don't work your abs from all angles like Jill's
  • Other programs don't have a trainer who truly cares about her clients
  • Other programs have moves that not everyone can do
  • Other don't include an option for nutrition advice 
  • Other programs don't teach you WHY and HOW each move develops your abs

The Juicy Highlights About Jill

• 30 Pound weight gain on Study Abroad

• 12 Foot Ladder Fall & Spinal Injury

• Constipated My Whole Life

• Chocolate Addict

• Mom to 2 Boys

• MBA & Former VP of Finance & Accounting

• NASM Certified Personal Trainer

• Founder: Empowered Fitness Mastery

There was a time in my life when I felt hopeless, uncomfortable, confused and thought something must have been wrong with my body/metabolism.

I had a stressful busy corporate job, no time for me. I resorted to plastic surgery, which was a complete failure and left me feeling worse about myself than ever. 

Over the last several years in the industry, I have MASTERED weight loss for the long term in a manageable way that works for the working or stay at home mom who feels all the stresses of daily life. 

I was there. 
I get you. 
I've got your back. 


Happy Clients, Happy Coach!

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