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Building Trust With Clients and Future Clients

I had the most annoying experience ever with our generator servicers yesterday. I was angry and frustrated, but worst, I didn't trust the company or the people who manage it. Yet I felt my hands were tied and reluctantly handed over another $7,000 to them. No one wants to invest and part with their money, only to feel buyer's remorse or fear. And so we live in a day and age where building trust with clients and followers is of utmost importance. In this live video, I addressed the significance of living and conducting business honestly with regards to client acquisition and retention. Do what's best for your clients, and they will reward you with loyalty and referrals. Don't tell people what they want to hear, be your most honest and transparent self.

"I am Loyal to my innermost truth. I follow the way when all others abandon it. I walk the path of my own heart."


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