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Holiday Traditions: Eat 'Em or Skip 'Em?

Are you planning to have the traditional corned beef and cabbage and potatoes and Irish soda bread today with a green beer to wash it down?

Or are you skipping it all because you are terrified about what the scale might say tomorrow if you partake in the yumminess and festivities!?

I know the torment it can be to go back and forth between having goals and a plan, and holidays that come along with traditions and can be a whole mess of emotions!

Watch the LIVE Training (below) on Managing Holiday Eating. Here are some key points I will be going over:

- What happens when we gain weight quickly?

- Water weight vs. fat gain

- Lessening the blow of the holiday binge

- Making smarter choices

- Having a framework, support, accountability

- Having a lifeline if you overdo it!

Hop on the waitlist for my 5 Day Kickstart Cleanse going down after Easter: or and start getting in control this Monday with my 5 Day Kickstart Plan A

Lastly, book a time with me to review your nutrition and goals HERE

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