Tips for Eating Healthy When You’re Traveling

You’re about to get on a flight and your stomach is growling. After dragging your luggage around the entire airport terminal in search of something satisfying and nutritious, all you have to show for your efforts is an overpriced burger and fries.

Eating healthy at the airport is no easy feat, especially if you’re cranky, jet-lagged, lost, or rushing to the gate to make your flight (or all of the above).

Ideally, you’d pack your own snacks for every flight, but let’s be honest — it’s a struggle to pack your luggage, much less healthy snacks. So, how do you eat healthy at the airport when you can’t stuff your carry-on with homemade trail mix and chopped veggies?

Pro tip: A premade shake won’t make it past security, but a couple of scoops of your favorite Shakeology could do in a pinch: Add water and ice to a shaker bottle, and you’ve got a healthy, satiating snack to sip on!)

Read on for more easy, practical tips about how to eat healthy at the airport — without resorting to a $14 fruit cup.

5 Strategies for Eating Healthy While Traveling

1. Skip the jerky and energy bars

It’s tempting to assemble a makeshift meal out of a chocolate chip granola bar, salted trail mix studded with yogurt-covered raisins, and pretzels from the newsstand, but resist the urge to load up on salt and sugar.

Jennifer Glockner, R.D. says the added sugar from processed foods can lead to blood sugar spikes and crashes, meaning you’ll be jittery one minute and lethargic the next.Glockner also says too much salt increases your body’s water retention, which can exacerbate