11 Things Successful People Do Every Night

If you’re continually feeling stressed or sluggish during the day, bringing some attention to your nighttime routine can help you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

It’s easy to spend your post-work hours scrambling to do last-minute errands, or melting into the couch as you binge-watch the latest series on Netflix. But creating a relaxing, structured evening routine is crucial to success.

How you spend the few precious hours before bed sets the tone for your night of sleep and dictates whether or not you carry the stresses of today into tomorrow.

11 Things Successful People Do Before Bed

1. They prepare for the next day

If you want to go to bed with a clear, calm mind, it’s important to set aside time to prepare for the next day.

Review your schedule, write a flexible to-do list, and circle the most important tasks you want to accomplish.

If you go to the gym before work or struggle to pick out an outfit in the morning, lay out your clothes and shoes so you’ll be ready to go.

2. They stop working

Squeezing in a few extra hours of work in the evening might seem productive, but it may make you feel wired and stressed right before going to bed.

Resist refreshing your inbox, making calls, or stewing over work-related issues after you leave the office.