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Carbs Aren't Bad, They're Just Misunderstood!

A client reached out to me yesterday and said, "Jill, I have to tell you secretly I’m terrified of all the carbs. I'm going to do it though and trust this will work."

This client is part of my Belly Bloat Bootcamp this month, focused on portion control nutrition, and working on improving gut health. We are being selective about the quality of foods we are eating, eliminating the most common gut function disrupters, and working with a balanced ratio of what we call "Macros," that is the amount of carbs, proteins and fat in one's diet. I have done a few pep talks with our crew on "trusting the process" and making sure they don't skip the foods they fear, like carbs and fats. I myself lost 15 pounds in 8 weeks the first time I tested this framework...and I've seen incredible success from my clients! So I felt for this client's sake, and so many others, an Educational Chat on Carbs was necessary. If you watch the video of the chat above, you will hear me talk on the following points:

1) Why People Fear Carbs? Do they make everyone fat? 2) What are the Good Carbs vs. the Bad Carbs?

3) What do Carbs do for Our Body? 4) What are the Side Effects of Eliminating Carbs? 5) Jill's Methods and Frameworks for Nutrition 6) How Many Carbs are Right for You?

7) What Can You Do to Get Your Carbs Right?

Well, that last question is easy. Book a FREE Consultation Call with me to figure out your best plan of action to reach your individual goals!

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