Eat Chinese Food without the Guilt and Gain!

I studied abroad in Beijing, China for 6 months in college after having already gained the freshman 15. After eating fried rice and dumplings on the daily for breakfast and cheap noodles out of some old couple's kitchen at least 3 days a week... I gained several pounds despite my daily visits to the local gym...and came back to the states totally craving pizza and Oreos!

Anywhoo... I know anytime I eat out at a Chinese Restaurant, or more realistically order in, I feel super bloated and the scale skyrockets the next morning. OH, YOU TOO!? Check out this video I did on WHY!

I highlight the 4 ingredients that are causing the problems, some tips on how to mitigate the uptick on the scale, and check out some new recipes for you to try at home - my favorite healthier Asian dishes! My M.O. in life is to feel good in my skin AND enjoy my favorite foods and drink!....Oh, and to help others do the same! Check out my Healthy Cookie Dough Recipe and Skinny Moscow Mule tricks in this FREE TRAINING I did, and schedule a call with me to roadmap your success plan!


1) Eggroll in a Bowl