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Get Great Abs Without Straining Your Neck!

We started a new Jill Ortiz Fitness Challenge on Monday and for the first time ever I taught a 30 minute abs workout! That's a lot of ab work! It got great feedback (below), but also a few comments that some ladies felt the strain in their neck. I totally understand this neck strain feeling, because I used to get it too...about a decade ago, before I developed a strong core (like from every angle strong). Now, I have no problems. So how do you get great abs without straining your neck? Step 1: Don't do so many traditional crunches in order to build ab strength. There are so many core strengthening exercises that you should master BEFORE anything that might cause strain to your neck....Like the seated ab moves in the video below that are sure to generate a nice core burn! Step 2: Support your head lightly in order to build up that neck endurance, or modify moves to rest your head down. I cue a lot of these in my 360 degree ab training program, Jill's Killer Abs. Step 3: Body Building - Weight lifting may be intimidating at first, but with a great trainer and introductory weight lifting program, you will find that engaging your core while doing all sorts of exercises can be just as effective as laying on the floor doing crunches! Ok, so let's get you started on some moves!

Start with One Round - 10 Reps of Each Move. As you increase strength, add more rounds.

1) Alternating Tap Opposite Toe

2) Alternating Tap Backs

3) Alternating Clap Unders

Check in with yourself, Are you feeling the burn? Ready for More?

Finish with some rolling back and forth like a ball while holding your knees.

You got this!

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