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Have You Ever Had an Ah-ha Moment?

Have you ever had an ah-ha moment? You know, a time of clarity when you realized something in your life made sense all of a sudden?? Well I had an amazing ah-ha moment this week, and it came with an overwhelming sense of pride. ..pride for the family I am a part of, lucky to be daughter to my mom Scotti, my dad Roger, and sister to the amazingly talented Carly Sakolove. You see in order for there to be this ah-ha moment, first there has to be struggle and confusion and something to overcome…right? You know what I’m talking about?

So let me give you some background…when I was growing up, my mom was always listening to this showtunes radio station – she must have been the only one because she would always call in and win contests and stuff! Go figure!! She and my dad were always bringing my sister and I to community theater, and participating in it as well. My sister got an early start at the age of 6 on stage, and went on to get her BFA at Boston Conservatory.

Then there was me – so different than the others…painfully shy, never wanting to be the center of attention, unless it was on a basketball court or softball field. Don’t get me wrong…I had that in common with my mom and dad – natural athletic ability….but my sister and I…other than being sisters and friends, we had nothing in common.

So fast forward to this Thursday morning, on my way in to work, been busy all week, and I call my mom to catch up. She tells me she got a new agent and was starting to go out on a bunch of auditions…as she winds down a long career in advertising sales, she’s finally going after her dream of acting taking classes and all, while also kicking ass on the tennis court. Then she says, oh…and daddy has a gig coming up too…I say a what?? She says oh, he didn’t tell you?? Tell me what?? Oh, well daddy has been dreaming of being a stand up comedian…so he called up a local improv place, started taking classes, and he’s got he big showcase coming up…he’d also like to hit up some open mic nights here and there. I seriously did a double take…wow!! That came out of left field?

So here we have my ah-ha moment..Mom’s going after her dream of acting on camera. Dad’s realizing his dream to be a stand up comedian…I saw my sister perform her one-woman show at an exclusive NYC club called 54 Below two nights ago after coming off the national tour and Royal Caribbean productions of Mama Mia…And then there’s me…happier than ever because I too found the place in this world where I was meant to be. I am realizing my own dream of owning my own fitness business and helping others get healthy and fit as a Beachbody Coach.

We are a family of dreamers, believers, and hard working achievers. No dream comes without a struggle, rejection, hi’s and lo’s. But with support, and the knowledge instilled in you by your role models that you can do anything and achieve any dream you have…the sky is the limit, and it is never too late.

What do I have in common with my family of actors? We are living our dreams and hopefully inspiring you to follow yours as well. What’s your dream? What’s stopping you? Are you the only thing in your way? JUST DO IT! GET OUT OF YOUR WAY!!

Maybe I’m more like them than I realized.

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