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Killer Abs in No Time! The Secret Sauce!

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

I'll tell you, I'm not surprised by my 8 Day Results on this new Winning Combo of Jill's Killer Abs and Kickstart Cleanse... It's my secret sauce and I am 100% confident you will love them both!

What is Jill's Killer Abs?

Is it just a bunch of crunches? - NOPE

Is it working the abs like you haven't before and going to get you abs that you haven't been able to get - YES!

Jill's Killer abs is a 20 day core tightening, six-pack and tight booty building program! It has 16 unique seven minute ab workouts and 4 eight minute booty workouts. And it totally works! What's the Secret to Six Pack Abs?

The Secret Is...

- Consistency

- Focus

- Doing the RIGHT things!


Most people, are NOT doing these things I stated, but they are still expecting some result that they can't seem to get. They think something is wrong with their body or their metabolism. Most believe they haven't tried the right fad diet, when they just need a little understanding a little coaching a little support and a lot of knowledge and empowerment!

Why is it So Hard to Get Nice Looking Abs?

It's really not that hard, but most people are actually doing the opposite of what they should be doing to flatten their tummy! Do you want to continue doing the wrong things or learn the right things?

Trainer Tip: It's so important to have proper form, especially when doing crunches and to not do too many!

It reminds me of years ago when I would see the same people always sitting on that awkward crunching machine at the gym where they pull the machine down with the handles over their heads and think its actually helping them get flattened washboard abs.

If you want something, get help from those who have it and have a solid proven system like Jill's Killer Abs with testimonials about it actually working!

I'd like to see the testimonials from that gym crunch machine!

Jill, you said there are 4 Booty Workouts, How Does That Help Me Build a Sixpack?

I am a fitness professional with a permanent spinal injury and I have done a lot of research and lived in pain for 6 years because I wasn't strong enough in my ENTIRE CORE!... and that includes the glutes!

I didn't add 4 booty strengthening, sculpting and lifting sessions into Jill's Killer Abs just to make someone wanna squeeze your cheeks!

What few people realize is that lower back pain is not just a misfortune many of us are randomly subject to. It is our sedentary lifestyles and lack of focus on 360° core strengthening that causes underactive booty muscles to create a chain reaction up our spine.

It's time you started working through Jill's Killer Abs to eliminate the aches and pains and develop the core strength and stability that will actually enable you to build that dream six pack!

Check out the Jill's Killer Abs Calendar:

(These are the workouts you get when you purchase)

So I do these 20 Workouts and at the End I have a Sixpack?

Maybe, but not necessarily. It takes a couple key things in conjunction with the schedule to get your results. 1) Time. Depending on whether you have been working on core strength and lifting weights for a while, or if you are just starting out can determine how many rounds of Jill's Killer Abs it will take to start seeing your results. But I promise you, with consistency for however long it takes for you, it will happen!

2) Nutrition. You have heard the saying "Abs are made in the Kitchen," right? It's true. You might have a solid sixpack in there, but if you are eating like crap all the time and not in line with your goals, you will never reveal the beauty of your gorgeous abs!

How do I get started on the Nutrition Portion? This is where I introduce you to my Signature 5 Day Kickstart Cleanse. There are three menus, and each gets amazing results - generally 5-10 pounds weight lost in 5 days!

People LOVE my 5 Day Kickstart Cleanse because It's REAL FOOD and you are GUARANTEED to lose bloat and 5+ pounds on your first cleanse, or I will give you a second menu FREE!

Simple. Effective. Delicious.

The cleanse includes:

- Simple Meal Plan

- Easy Recipes

- Shopping List

- Videos to Guide You

AND... You can join my supportive Facebook Group where you can ask questions and connect with other people doing the cleanse.

I've been doing this cleanse with clients for years, and always get great feedback...

- Rederica can now fit into her high school jeans

- Mary Beth lost 10 pounds and quit drinking coffee and eating dairy

- Adrienne lost 7 pounds and incorporated new recipes into her diet

- Crystal also lost 10 pounds and gained a ton of energy

- Dave had the biggest loss ever with 12 pounds lost in 5 Days!

- Jessica lost 6.8 pounds just last week!

If you want to break up with sugar, clean out your system, and get back on track with your goals right after Easter, then this is for YOU! Maybe even repeat after 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and New Years, because it's your back pocket tool for quick tightening up forever!

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