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Mitigating Back Pain

It was terrifying...I screamed as I dropped. I was ready to throw up, in shock, in pain. I had fallen 12 feet with a ladder in a home that I was viewing with my husband and realtor. They ran towards me with caution and fear, and untangled me from the ladder. My life changed that day, but I just felt it was over. I stopped playing softball for the first time since second grade. I stopped golfing because I couldn't walk or twist. My calf was torn, my L5-S1 disc permanently damaged. I lived in pain for six years... it hurt sitting in a conference room for a day of budget meetings, and it hurt standing in a bar for 30 minutes. The stress of run-walking 10 blocks to physical therapy in the middle of my work days was more debilitating than good. The pain of nerve block shocks was worse than the actual pain of my injury, and didn't help at all. Laser therapy, massage therapy, pain management...nothing worked. I was anxious and depressed and ate my feelings too...packing on the pounds. So, What Worked?... Listen in to these 5 things that helped me the most!

I know the anger and anxiety that comes from being in constant pain... it's lonely and defeating. Just know you are not alone...there is someone here who is open to listening to you and helping you with a game plan. If you would like to, feel free to schedule a time to chat with me here.


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