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Motivation and Goals Pep Talk - 100% Real and Raw.

There are 4 Key Questions You Need to Ask Yourself if You are Not Getting Close to Your Next Level Fitness Goals. Every so often I feel compelled to do a live chat with my peeps who are following, participating, watching, waiting and/or hoping for change. Physique change, mental change, life change...all the things that they want, but aren't happening or changing quickly enough. I get frustrated - often. But it's ok, it fuels me to help more, research more, study more and touch more people with my thoughts and mentorship. So usually before a big Jill Pep Talk, I put feelers out with a question. This is what I asked last week. Feel free to comment with your answer: What fitness or physique goal do you have that you don't believe you can achieve or would be mind - blown if you did?

Here is the short list of responses I got:

- small waist

- strong booty

- toned body (legs) and round booty

- flat stomach, thinner thighs

- toned mid section

- visible abs gun show

- small waist and killer abs

- flat tummy

- killer abs, toned body, be able to do a pushup

- abs/no love handles

- tighter stomach, thighs and butt

- thinner legs and toned body all over

- stronger core to help with back pain

- flat abs, thighs that don’t rub together and being able to do a pushup

- abs without the cushion on top, no bat wings, no muffin top, toned

- flat sculpted abs

- lower abs post menopause

- lower abs post c-section

- stronger legs, arm/hand strength, good flexibility

- muscular legs

- able to do a headstand

- six pack after 7 pregnancies

- monkey bars on the spartan course

In my Pep talk, which I promise is worth the listen, I asked two really important questions: Question 1: Are these goals really reach goals?

Question 2: Why don’t you believe you can achieve them?

I feel reflection and action are the biggest gifts I can offer you. So if you wrote down, either for yourself or in the comments, what your reach goal is, go ahead and respond to these two questions as well. The truth is that you may not be reaching high enough, and that once we can remove the block that makes you feel they are attainable, then we can finally be victorious!

My big goal was taking a ripped six pack (post 2 babies and a permanent spinal injury) to the bikini competition stage. At first, I made it a 10 year goal. But once I started asking myself the 4 Key Questions I am about to ask you, I started getting closer to my goal, and within a year, I attained it!

Done! Twice! It all clicked and everything that held me back was gone! Once you get it, wow is there momentum! This actually inspired me to change careers, ditch my role as VP of Finance and Accounting and help other women out of their holes! So what do you need to ask yourself about your goals?

Q1) How do you find your "Motivation" to start working towards your goal and stay with it?

Answer: Dig deeper. Figure out your deeper connection to the goal. What is its importance? How will life change if you achieve it? And more importantly, what will happen if you do nothing and stay the same?

Q2) How long and what have you actually been doing in order to achieve your big goal?

Answer: Yes, you actually have to do intentional work that actually would bring you closer to your goal, and you have to stick with it long enough to see results, make changes, and continue to grow closer.

Q3) Do you even know what it takes to achieve your goal?

Answer: I find that most people I talk to actually have no clue how to achieve their goal! Some are even doing the exact opposite things, yikes! You need to know what exercise to do and what exercise to avoid, and I will preach it 'til I have to have a solid framework to follow for your nutrition (until you know what it takes, and have reached your goal, and have proven to be a master of maintaining your goal).

Q4) Who and What is your system for accountability?

Answer: I don't care who you are, you must have someone to hold you accountable and a system by which to track your accountability. Even me, a personal trainer and very self-motivated fitness professional needs and has measures of accountability. And I am happy to be or help you find yours as well. Tune in and watch my Motivational Goals Pep Talk below and leave your feedback and thoughts in the comments. Schedule a time to Roadmap Your Success with me or just do a download of your goals, roadblocks and first steps action plan. No pressure to sign up for anything or buy anything. We just want to get you some clarity. Pick the best time for you on my calendar HERE.

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