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Pandemic Schmandemic - Your Will is Your Way - Jill's Story

I went live last night and shared my story (watch below). It's something I've done over the years many times, to many audiences. But every time I tell about the ups and downs of my life, and recall the twists and turns, there is a new chapter tacked on at the end. Sometimes a shocking truth that I had been holding back, embarrassed to several I share in this telling... There are always lessons I revisit, and new ones that reveal themselves as time rolls on. Wisdom seems to come with age and experience. As I write this, I am 4 weeks away from my 40th birthday. My 30's were filled with growth and enlightenment. Joy and hardship, fun times and challenging times. Yet I feel that my 40's are going to be my best years yet, as I have a "Slap fear in the face and carry on" attitude, a confidence about my abilities and strengths, and a strong sense of my truth, my essence. My mantra as of late, "Calm and Confident" helps to center me, and my favorite affirmation holds true... I stay loyal to my innermost truth

I follow the way when all others abandon it

I walk the path of my own heart. Check out my story:

(30 minutes run time)

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