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Say No to Flabby Thighs and a Droopy Booty

- Have you ever tried running and come back chaffed up from the inner thigh chub rub? - Have you ever hopped in a bathing suit for some swim time fun and then caught a glance of your cottage cheese booty hanging out the bottom? These aren't very motivating moments are they? They beat you down and make you realize the cruelty of aging. "My butt didn't look this saggy at 25," you wine to the woman in the mirror in disgust. You know I once had another woman admire my inner thigh gap? And just recently I noticed this gorgeous cut down the outside of my thigh while recording a workout for my class subscription library... you go girl I though! I've actually been doing these same 3 moves religiously, I kid you not, for the last 18 years...since 2004!! So I didn't want to keep them a secret from those of you who are craving change, yet haven't put the focus and work in! Don't forget...these things don't happen on their own, and while these 3 moves are a tiny piece of the puzzle...doing something is always better than doing nothing.

Repeat 3 Rounds - 10 Reps of Each Move (Both Sides). As you increase strength, add more reps per round.

1) Elevated Clam Shells

2) Rainbow Leg Lifts

3) Knee Tap, Diagonal Push Check in with yourself, Are you feeling the burn and being consistent enough to see change? Be sure to add in weighted workouts and standing leg and balance work to round out the muscle building - Great lower body workouts can be found in my class library subscription (first 3 days are free!) You got this! xo Jill

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