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So how much working out are you doing these day?

i.e How many minutes/hours a day, how many times a week?

And as a bonus question, what type of exercise?

Next question? Are you crushing your journey to your goals and seeing the results you want from your current routine?

SHOCKINGLY, Most people I ask will tell me "NO!"

These ladies are PISSED OFF!

Doing nothing gets them no where

Doing all the things gets them no where.


-----> 20 Minutes a Day - Tabata Style Weight Lifting!

And my clients RAVE about it!

Here is WHY:

1) They can actually fit my workouts into their busy schedule consistently which is 100% the biggest key to results.

2) You can actually burn more calories and not be prone to consuming a ton of extra calories when your workouts are short and focused on muscle building.

3) This is the sweet spot where your workouts are beneficial in so many ways for your health, but don't hit the zone where they actually cause undo stress on your body - which can be detrimental for women over 40.

4) It builds confidence and enjoyment in healthy habit creation. People who consistently make their workouts a priority become better at all kinds of healthy habit formation according to studies. From sleep to water consumption and nutrition planning.

5) Exercise is a stress reliever, and our daily lives are full of stress. So the "happy hormone" creation on a regular basis is crucial. Plus, a quick weight training session leaves time for a leisure walk - one of the most productive habits for stress relief.

6) 20 minute weight lifting workouts in conjunction with proper calorie/food intake will build/preserve lean muscle mass as well as bone mass which starts to decline as we age. Improve your metabolism, energy, and stamina! OK, so here is a SPECIAL Limited Time Offer for YOU! My 4 Week Fit n Fast Challenge is Starting March 13th, 2023! Check out the Details HERE and Hop in with us ASAP to get all the amazing benefits. Plus lots of BONUSES including weekly gift cards and a BONUS LIVE Birthday Workout with me this Thursday on my Actual Birthday! (Replay will stay up for 4 weeks)

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