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Can Work-Life Balance Really Exist?

It’s a tough thing to be everything to everybody! My most recent roles in life include:

~Full time Mom, Wife, and Resident Chef

~Full time VP of Finance and Accounting at a Real Estate Firm ~Entrepreneur, Health Coach, Mentor and Team Leader ~Exercise Enthusiast (30 minutes minimum daily) So how do you balance them all at once? Well, what I have found is that something’s always gotta give, here or there. As a perfectionist and someone who has always set her mind to achieve her goals with gusto and the determination to never fall short, I have learned just recently, in taking on a lot on this plate of mine, that every day may not be my best, and my to do list may often go incomplete….and more importantly, that it is okay. Being a mom cannot necessarily wait until tomorrow, but leaning on my husband is okay when I need a break.

Dinner can consist of frozen nuggets, take out pizza, a bowl of cereal, or even ice cream once in a while…no one will become malnurished over night.

You can only do what you can do in a day at work, the rest will be there tomorrow and as long as you are taking pride in the work that you are getting done, you will succeed and your work will be recognized.

Your business that you are building, won’t happen over night. As long as you continue to build momentum and do small things each day, your consistency will compound and your business will grow in time. Have belief.

Exercise your body, mind and your soul…build, stretch, and give it the rest and recovery it needs. One missed workout won’t make you lose your progress.

The push and pull of life will be constant and constantly changing. It is your ability to adapt and accept that will allow you to find that balance…even if for only a moment.

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