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Success in Fitness, Success in Life

In his book, The Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod sites six activities that the most successful people in the world do each morning. These activities are called the S.A.V.E.R.S.

S – Silence: meditation, reflection, breathing, focus on gratitude

A – Affirmations: focusing on the person you want and intend to be

V – Visualization: envisioning the win, sale, success and believe it is possible

E – Exercise: Get the oxygen & endorphins flowing for optimum state for productivity

R – Reading: Personal development for skills, leadership and mindset improvement

S – Scribing: Journaling, blogging, goal setting, and letting thoughts flow freely Success leaves clues, so obviously we want to incorporate all or as many of these habits as we can in our morning routine. In my professional opinion and from experience, I feel that the exercise component and investment in your health is paramount. Strong in Fitness, Strong in Life is my motto.

As a virtual health coach, personal trainer and group fitness instructor, I have seen it over and over. As my clients begin to make fitness a habit, all areas of their life tend to improve. There are two main characteristics that I have observed this in the most:

Work Ethic: We all know one workout is not going to change your physique. Results require consistency and persistence. Most professional athletes will tell you that it was not a God given talent that got them to super stardom, but showing up daily and putting in the work, even when they didn’t want to. When you become committed to a fitness regimen and let your results drive your consistency, you will find that the same work ethic will strengthen in your career and personal endeavors as well. Those who wake up every morning to improve their physical fitness, set the tone for showing up every day in life!

Self-Confidence and Conviction: Have you noticed in a gym or on a fitness infomercial, or perhaps at the beach that people in great physical condition walk with their heads held high in good posture, with confidence and pride? Wouldn’t that make you believe that when they are at work or out with friends, that same sureness drives their thoughts and actions? It’s true. When we feel confident about the physical condition of our body, our mind gives us that assurance that we are capable individuals who can make good decisions in other areas of our life. We have more likelihood to take risks, put ourselves out there, go after our desires, feeling worthy.

So how do we create these unfaltering commitments to becoming strong in fitness?

Accountability: We need others to keep us in check! Whether you have a coach, trainer, virtual support group, workout buddy, or family to check in with daily, you need someone or a group of people who will lift you when you don’t want to show up, support and encourage you to reach for your goals, and offer positive suggestions when you struggle. If you don’t have anyone, become that person for someone else! It will make it way harder for you to quit on yourself.

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