Tabata Training: The Need to Knows and How to Get Started

I could give you the history of Tabata and throw a bunch of personal trainer jargon in your face about EPOC and Vo2Max... but you wouldn't care and I am super busy over here Momming (i.e. remote learning crap, getting my kids food, and being good at Uno) and being a kick ass Coach, Mentor and Virtual Personal Trainer... so, Google that shit! What I am here to tell you are a FEW KEY BENEFITS OF TABATA that you actually care about and how you can GET STARTED incorporating it into your fitness Regimen! Got it!? CHANGE UP YOUR FITNESS ROUTINE PEOPLE! First though...why do you need to change anything in your fitness routine? You are super comfortable, right? Yeah, exactly your problem! You are upset with your STAGNANCY, that annoying PLATEAU. Or, you haven't "FELT MOTIVATED" to workout lately (Thanksgiving Bloat, Gyms Shut Down or hell 2020 as a whole has been depressing). So you know that in order to GET CHANGE, you actually have to MAKE CHANGE! The body adapts very quickly to our fitness routine, and stops producing results, so we must continually change our training habits, styles, and load in order to avoid plateaus.

3 BENEFITS OF TABATA THAT YOU ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT 1) EFFICIENCY Workouts are short! Woo hoo! With intervals of maximum effort for 20 seconds of work to 10 seconds rest! Therefore, you will not have to workout for very long at all before you maxed out. Bye Bye Time Excuse! 2) RAISE YOUR METABOLISM With this anaerobic type training, our muscles get deprived of oxygen during the periods of work and will need to work overtime to refeed long after training is over. This is your FAT BURNING PLATEAU BUSTER! 3) TIGHTEN AND TONE Did you know that too much cardio actually takes away your muscle tone? That's why I do not do a lot of cardio at all, and when I do, I use weights! In these short workouts, you won't be prone to losing muscle mass, but will actually increase your muscle endurance and set yourself up for major gains.


Ok, so I am not naive, I know you could totally Youtube Tabata and give it a go...