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The Diet Food Industry is Trying to Kill Us!

I was floored, and she was disappointed and grateful.

"The Diet food industry doesn't care about our health, they just want our money."

My client Lisa has been doing fantastic in my Empowered Fitness Mastery Group Coaching Program since she joined us for the #5DayKickstartCleanse and then #FitnFast Challenge. She was dropping pounds, her belly was flatter and tighter, and her arms were less flabby! She said...

When she first came to me after seeing my social media posts, Lisa didn't think she needed any Nutrition guidance, only workouts... but then after 2 weeks into our #NoPainNoGain Challenge, she messaged me asking about how to target stubborn belly fat...that while exercise and eating healthier were helping, she wanted to know how to get rid of that "spare tire" that had grown in her mature years! I got curious and clinical. I told my group that I wanted to see a log of what everyone was eating this week so I could pinpoint any red flags for not only Lisa, but all of my group coaching clients. AND THE RED FLAGS SURE FLEW HIGH!

Sometimes I feel really badly picking apart a client's food choices, but Lisa made it clear to me that honesty that could help her was welcome.

Do you remember the Very Hungry Caterpillar Story!? lol...this reminds me of that! On Monday, Lisa ate...

At first glance, you might unknowingly thing this is pretty great, healthy, right!? But I wanted to see the ingredients in the "Pure Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar" knowing that a lot of these bars on the market are actually very high in sugar and chemicals.

Sure enough...while it was in fact high in protein, this bar is FULL OF CRAP! It even contains "Bioengineered food ingredients," meaning NOT REAL FOOD! You will learn following our story about some of the other alarming ingredients that can be harmful, cause weight gain and even cause CANCER!

On Tuesday, Lisa ate...

Again, great job on the protein intake (not thrilled about the bar in there again), but I asked Lisa to show me the label for her high protein pudding...I was scared!

And sure enough...

I couldn't help but vent about my frustration with the diet food industry's deception and educate my client to the wiser! Check out our comment thread...

On Wednesday, Lisa ate...

I couldn't be more proud of Lisa for the changes she made towards more whole foods, and she still did fantastic with her protein, carbs and healthy fat intake with some yummy additions in moderation (corn chips). She listened to her hunger cues and got so many nutrients and variety in.

I was inspired by Lisa to go Live in our #NoPainNoGain group and EMPOWER my clients with some LABEL INGREDIENTS TO LOOK AND BEWARE OF. Check them out down below the story conclusion.

Lisa was grateful for my knowledge and honesty with her and commented on my Live...

And the moral of the story, shared by Lisa to the group later on Wednesday...

Time for YOU to learn too and become a label ingredient sleuth! LABEL INGREDIENTS TO LOOK AND BEWARE OF: These common ingredients found in diet foods can have negative effects on the gut/digestive system and other health concerns:

  1. Artificial sweeteners: Aspartame, sucralose, and other artificial sweeteners found in diet foods can disrupt the gut microbiome, leading to inflammation and potentially causing digestive issues.

  2. High fructose corn syrup: This ingredient is often used as a sweetener in diet foods, but can lead to insulin resistance, obesity, and other health problems.

  3. Trans fats: Found in many processed foods, trans fats can increase bad cholesterol levels and lower good cholesterol levels, leading to heart disease and other health issues.

  4. Highly processed grains: Refined grains found in many diet foods, such as white bread and crackers, can disrupt gut health and cause inflammation.

  5. Artificial colors and flavors: These additives can cause allergic reactions and other health issues in some people.

  6. Hydrogenated oils: Often used to increase the shelf life of processed foods, hydrogenated oils can lead to inflammation and other health issues.

  7. MSG: Monosodium glutamate, or MSG, is a flavor enhancer often used in diet foods, but can cause headaches, nausea, and other health issues in some people.

  8. Carrageenan: This ingredient is often used as a thickener in diet foods, but can cause digestive issues, inflammation, and potentially even cancer.

  9. Sodium nitrate/nitrite: Found in many processed meats, such as bacon and deli meats, sodium nitrate/nitrite can increase the risk of cancer and other health issues.

It's important to read labels and be aware of these ingredients in order to make informed choices about the foods you consume. Choosing whole, minimally processed foods is often the best way to ensure optimal gut health and overall health.

If you are wondering about your own daily nutrition and if you are eating any foods to be concerned with, or if you are wondering if you are consuming the right amounts of calories, protein, carbs, fats... Let's Get You into my Nutrition Coaching Trial ($199) - Where we will deep dive into your nutrition on a series of calls, design a meal plan together, execute and review your results!

Can't wait to get EMPOWERED in your nutrition with you!

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