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The Best Way to Minimize Low Back Pain - 3 Simple Moves to Start

I tried it all, for six long years. I lived in pain, was miserable, cranky, angry. I had fallen 12 feet from a ladder...well the ladder fell, not my fault. I had damaged my L5-S1 disc and the nerves were being crushed by the bones. I tried... -Nerve Block Shots

-Pain Pills -Physical Therapy -Massage -Chiropractic -Yoga and more. Eventually, I felt that the doc appointments were causing me more stress and weren't helping. So I started looking up exercises I could do on my own to help with my back pain. Check out these 3 simple sexercises below to start. I started there, and added so many other exercises to strengthen my CORE, the whole CORE, and not just exhausting my low back with therapy exercises. I would love to tell you how my philosophy on TOTAL BODY CONDITIONING over the years has evolved and become my jam to teach and train my clients, but we might need to hop on a call for one of that knowledge bomb! In the meantime, let's get you going on your first 3 moves to practice. Do it a couple times a week as you build up strength and pair it with my Jill's Killer Abs Program for that 360 degree strengthening that may be the key to minimizing your back pain.

Start with One Round - 10 Reps of Each Move. As you increase strength, add more rounds.

1) Upper Body Lifts

2) Lower Body Lifts

3) Opposite Arm and Leg Lifts Check in with yourself, how is your range of motion, how strong are you feeling, and how is your low back pain? Finish with some rolling back and forth like a ball while holding your knees. You got this!

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