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Year End Fitness Audit - Did You Do All The Things?

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Click Here to Sign Up for a FREE Year End Fitness Audit Workshop January 1 - Like all of us, you probably made some New Years Fitness or Weight Loss Resolutions (at least to yourself if you didn't declare it to the world)...right? Totally normal after an indulgent holiday season that actually lasts two months from Halloween candy binge time to New Years Eve imbibing...with all the cookies and carbs along the way. I doubt these months were your most relaxed time of the year with nothing to do but hang at the gym and stay religious in your fitness routine...air plane squats and party planks anyone?...Nah. Ok, I think we are (at least mostly) on the same page...yes, even me, your Coach had some extra fun.

So what did you do after making those New Years Resolutions? Did you hire a Coach? Make a plan? See it through? Did you get amazing results in 2021 and feel like you got a foothold on what shifts the needle in making a life changing transformation in your fitness and health?

If you did, I absolutely want to hear your stories! Certainly there were trials and tribulations, ups and downs, learning moments (no failures unless you quit) and victories. Or, are you still stuck? Did you yo-yo again this year...take two steps forward and two steps back and land exactly where you started?

Are you frustrated after all these years of trying to get to that goal body, endless energy and radiant confidence, that you still haven't cracked the code? Feeling like "All you have to do is eat right and exercise" is a bogus theory?

That someone miscalculated the effectiveness of "calories in vs. calories out?" Or are you just pissed that it's so freaking hard to live on vegetables and give up pizza and donuts forever if you want to get to your goals?

5, 4, 3, 2, 1...Pity Party Over. Let's do something about it.

I know, I get it... It's hard to know what you don't know! How are you supposed to know what you are doing right and wrong? Often times, I see that people are either chasing fads, repeating the wrong behaviors thinking they are the right ones, or they give up before they give it enough time for results to come. The Plan I Made For You!

I put together a workshop for you, a FREE Year End Fitness Audit Workshop. It's definitely something I have put time and thought into, done market research and created materials and content to make this a valuable experience that will set you up for success in the months and years to come.... I hope you are getting excited! This is super valuable, but I decided to make it a FREE gift for you, because well... you read this far, and that's something in this day and age...and because if you are here on my website, well, you are my people....and I like to GIVE as much as I can to my clients, followers, friends and family. I know that earning your business, and title of Coach takes trust. I know that your health is the most important thing to you, and that achieving the physique you are comfortable in and proud of can be one of the most challenging things and is a vulnerable subject for many. But I'm here for you, and I've been through so much of what you are experiencing. I left my career as a VP of Finance and Accounting to follow my passion for helping people avoid the fitness transformation struggle. Your successes are my successes, so let's talk about this first step of auditing your year. Workshop Agenda Day 1 - Fitness Audit Day 2 - Nutrition Audit Day 3 - Time Management & Routines Audit

Day 4 - Accountability Audit

Day 5 - Mindset, Motivation and Goals Audit You will get a PDF Worksheet to Fill Out, and an Opportunity to Schedule a One on One Consultation with me as well where we can go over your Audit! Amazing, right!? SIGN UP HERE FOR THE YEAR END FITNESS AUDIT WORKSHOP

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